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Dear whitefems who stan for Lucy,

Please sit down and shut the entire fuck up, you embarrassing, racist assholes.

You are saying a shitload of racist things trying to defend this movie, and actually harassing women of color who disagree with you (one of whom is isanah, who is my friend, and I will fucking end you if you don’t quit sending her bullshit asks trying to defend this racist shitpile), and even tried to invalidate Dwayne Johnson’s status as a person of color, which is still legitimately upsetting to me that you even tried to do that.

If you want to watch and enjoy this movie, then go ahead, but don’t try to act like it’s a victory for feminism, and don’t talk over people who are pointing out its incredibly problematic nature because it makes you feel uncomfortable. 

No one is obligated to agree with your opinion on this movie, no one obligated to watch it for fairness’ sake because you don’t think it’s racist, no one is obligated to do a goddamn thing for your comfort, and maybe you should sit back and take a serious look at why you’re so invested in the myth that this movie is feminist, to the point of harassing and invalidating people of color, especially women of color, because you don’t want to be wrong.

Consider what your feminism is, and if it shits on women of color, maybe you aren’t as feminist as you think you are.